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Home Wind Generators

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Home Wind Generators

Home Wind Generators

Home wind generators are a popular source of power for many homeowners. This is especially true for those that live in areas with limited access to a community power supply. They electricity that they supply is only limited by the consistency of the wind.

Home wind generators typically come in one of two varieties; horizontal axis and vertical axis. A horizontal axis wind generator is the most efficient, but they can sometimes be an eye sore because of their inherent size. A vertical axis generator is much smaller, but generally do not create as much electricity.

Home wind generators can be purchased through numerous outlets, or can be made at home, provided you know enough about electricity. The basic parts consist of a generator (a DC motor can work for this), the blades to capture the wind energy, and a tower to get the blades up high enough to catch the wind. However, if you're not familiar with working with electricity, hiring a professional to build and install the turbine is the best idea.


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