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Horizontal Wind Turbine

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Horizontal Wind Turbine

Horizontal Wind Turbine

A horizontal wind turbine is the traditional type of windmill that can be used for a wide variety of purposes including producing electricity. They typically have either two or three blades which turn a generator when the wind is blowing. The generator turns the rotational force into a usable direct current charge that can be stored into batteries or converted into AC power.

A horizontal wind turbine can be anywhere from 20 feet tall to well over 300 feet in the air. They can produce anywhere from single watts to mega watts depending on their swept area and their height. A higher tower can reach higher speed winds which will allow more electricity to be produced.

A horizontal wind turbine is a useful addition to any area as it is extremely low impact as well as easy to maintain. They can be made with parts from a typical hardware store or they can be purchased in kits. Larger ones often require specialized contractors and installation to get working properly. These often take years because of extensive wind speed studies to find the best possible location.


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