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Portable Wind Turbine

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Portable Wind Turbine

Portable Wind Turbine

A portable wind turbine is a useful tool for people on the move that need electricity for various applications. One of the leading sectors that need this type of product is the military. They have a wide variety of tools that use electricity that are used out in the field. Everything from GPS locating and targeting devices to bomb dismantling devices are powered by electricity.

Portable wind turbines are not widely used at the moment but the military has put out a design contest for a department of defense contract for a useable design that can fold up to one eighth its size. They will be deployed with field troops and recon scouts as well as a wide variety of other units for rapid deployment and quick power creation in the harshest weather.

A portable wind turbine could also be a very useful tool for campers, hunters, herders, and shepherds. Anyone who travels in the great outdoors could put one of these windmills to use as long as they were not too bulky or heavy to carry. Although they may not work for backpackers, they would be ideal on trucks, jeeps and four wheelers.


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